Choices, choices, choices. Baby essentials.

When the time came for me to stock up on essentials before Sebastiens birth, all I knew was that I wanted everything to be as pure as possible, and preferably organic. 

Here is a list of the products I decided to use, and touch wood, they’ve been perfect for Seb this far. 


I decided to use Dr.Browns bottles as they are BPA free (something I looked for in any plastic I used with Sebastien) and they reduce colic, and the need for winding and burping. They came highly recommended by other moms, and S has never had any problems with Colic.

The only downside is that they take slightly longer to clean as there are more parts, I find this worthwhile though as I’d rather spend a little longer so he doesn’t get wind. 

I purchased mine at Boots. 

An optional extra I highly recommend are the travel caps. When making the bottles up they save sticky fingers and bottles. They are roughly £1.49 for a pack of two on Amazon. 


Anything I use on Sebastiens skin I like to keep as “pure” as possible and there are no wipes purer than WaterWipes. They are very wet so I often find myself wringing them out, but they do the job perfectly. I use them for everything.  Again I get them from boots.

Nappy Cream

I have used Bamford Organics since the day Seb was born, and he’s never had a nappy rash. I swear by it. It’s pricey, but he’s now 4 months old and I’ve barely made a dent. It smells amazing, and is a multi use product. I have also used it for his dry skin and its honestly the best. It’s won many awards and is often sold out, I bought two- one as a back up, and I don’t think il ever get to use it! 

Available from Net-a-Porter.

Baby hair and body wash

Again I use Bamford Organics, and I can’t use anything else now as it reminds me of those precious first weeks. 

Available from Net-a-Porter.

Baby bubble bath

I did start off using the hair and body wash by Bamford Organics as baby bath. But I was getting through far too much product, and it’s not cheap. So I found a gorgeous lavender one from Boots (also organic) at a quarter of the price. It is really relaxing before bed, just don’t add too much- the bubbles can get out of control. 

Muslin Cloths 

I use Muslin cloths every single day (and night). Their purpose is endless. I use them as blankets, burp cloths, to lay in his cot, to mop up, as a comforter, for him to chew on (now he is teething), to clean his teeth (he now has two) the list goes on. The absolute best are Aden and Anais, but not the regular ones, the bamboo ones. The bamboo Muslins are so much softer! I managed to find the bamboo (our favourite are the star print) for almost half price on Amazon.


I was unsure if I wanted to use a soother with Sebastien until I read that it can actually help prevent SIDS. There are various articles explaining the reasoning if you want to do some research. 

I eventually decided to use one and chose the Avent Soothie. 

Soothie is premium pacifier designed for newborns and babies without teeth who are successfully bottle or breastfeeding a. Its one-piece construction adheres to the American Academy of Pediactric guidelines. Over 2,000 hospitals nationwide give newborns the Soothie pacifier. Soothie pacifiers are sized and shaped for baby’s developing mouth.

They aren’t available for purchase in the UK, but I purchased mine on Amazon, they were £2.21 but you pay £4.00 shipping. 


I used pampers sensitive whilst Sebastien was a newborn. 

I then moved on to Naty, as they are chlorine, fragrance and GM free. They were very stiff and I found him waking in the night with wet clothes and blankets. Not ideal. 

We then changed to Pampers baby dry and I couldn’t believe how soft they felt, and no wet through the night. 

I hope you enjoyed discovering mine and Sebastiens favourite essential products, 


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