What to pack in your hospital bags…

I knew when I was going to give birth as I was induced- but most moms to be have to wait for the magic to happen. 

This means having your hospital bags packed as early as 34 weeks.

I actually had my bags packed a long time before I was told I needed to be induced, I just couldn’t wait to get everything sorted. 

I hope you find what I packed a helpful guide. I packed more than I was told I needed, however I wasn’t so lucky to leave 6 hours after birth, I was on the high dependency unit for a few days and so my overpacking was worthwhile. 

You’ll be given a list of what to take by your midwife, but here is what I packed as a guide;

For mum; 

Baby notes- you’ll need to take your pregnancy records, and won’t see them again after the birth.

Phone and charger- its the most important day of your life. You’ll want to tell your loved ones. And not to mention…the photos! 

Hot water bottle- my hot water bottle really helped during the early stages of labour. Think period pains. 

Pyjamas and robe- take a few pairs of pyjamas, I washed and ironed mine before I went into hospital and the smell was really comforting. Take a robe as they may ask you to walk the halls. Get black.

Slippers- take some slippers to walk around in, it’s so much easier than bending over to put shoes on! And also flip flops to wear in the shower. Trust me. 

Towel- take a freshly washed towel. You’ll want anything you can to make you feel clean. 

Toiletries- take the essentials, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body wash (I had a gorgeous one for Christmas from Jo Malone and the smell reminds me of Seb) 

I also took some basic makeup items for when people came to visit. And a hair brush, I looked like I’d gone through a hedge backwards after the birth. 

Underwear/nursing bra- take some comfortable knickers, I bought two packs of 5 from Primark. Get black. If you plan to breastfeed take a nursing bra. 

Nipple cream and pads- I used Lansinoh nipple balm, it really helps soothe if you get chapped. And I also used their nipple pads. You might not need them as your milk won’t arrive for a few days, but pack a couple incase.

Sanitary pads- I used Boots own, as the ones they give you in hospital are gigantic! 

Lip balm- This was an essential for me. My lips got badly chapped from the hospital air! I used MAC conditioning lip balm- amazing!

Fluffy socks- take a pair of these as the hospital can be quite cold, and you might spend some time with your feet in the air (3 hours in my case)

Outfit for home- take something comfortable to wear home! I ended up in joggers and my husbands hoodie. 

Something to read- take a book or a magazine to read, it might be the last time you’ll get chance for a while! I recommend “What to expect the first year” it’s really helpful and answers lots of questions. 

For baby;

Changing bag-  My husband bought me my dream changing bag- a Prada black one with silver hardware, as a gift. I had always wanted this one, and knew I’d use it every day and trade in all of my other bags for it. I chose black as it allows for my husband to use it too. We also didn’t find out which sex we were expecting so we had to buy unisex. It also came with a changing mat. 

Nappies- I took a pack of 24 pampers sensitive in the first size. 

Muslin cloths- for various uses. You won’t experience spit up yet but they are great for swaddling, laying on surfaces, to use as a changing mat on the hospital bed. 

Baby grows- take about 6 baby grows. I chose plain white sleep suits from M&S. Freshly washed and pressed. Perfection. I also packed one pink outfit and one blue, as we didn’t know the sex. We donated the pink outfit to the hospital.

Scratch mitts and hats- pack a couple of each. Most sleep suits have scratch mitts built in already, and this is much easier. 

Blankets- I took 3 cellular white blankets from The White Company. These are great as they regulate baby’s temperature. 

Cotton wool- for baby’s first weeks you’ll use the top and tail method, as their skin is so sensitive. You won’t bathe him or her just yet. You’ll use Tepid boiled water and cotton wool to begin with and gently clean baby “top to tail”. I also took water wipes as hospitals will allow them as they are so pure.

Soft toy- you may want to introduce baby to a soft toy from birth. Be sure to place at the bottom of the cot and not near baby’s head. Sebastien had a Jelly Cat white bunny, it’s so cute! 

Pre-made milk- hospitals no longer provide any milk in the UK, so pack some pre made milk. I took a box of Aptamil pro futura. I ended up breast feeding but took the milk incase I didn’t get any of my own, or decided not to.

First outfit/Going home outfit- take a couple of nice outfits into the hospital, you will more than likely have visitors. I didn’t realise they also offer you a first photoshoot on the ward, so here’s your heads up! Lastly that all important going home outfit- bear in mind the weather outside. I’m not even joking the day Sebastien was born it was sunny and bright in the morning and snowing by the afternoon! 

Car seat- I was told not to take the car seat until you are ready to take baby home! So Daddy or your birth partner can bring this when its time. The hospital won’t let you leave without it! 

For Dad/Birthing partner;

These need no explanation:


Change of clothes


Camera (leave them with the photo responsibilities…you’re doing the hard work)

I hope you find this useful, 



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