Stretchmarks.  One of the unavoidable side effects of pregnancy.

Or so I thought.

I was convinced I was going to get them.

And everyone knows that “if your mum got them, you’ll get them” “it’s genetic” right?!

Everyone told me I would get them and that there was nothing I could do about it.

I eventually just stopped worrying and accepted I was going to have them. And in the end, I didn’t care. I wanted my baby more than I wanted a stretch mark free body. I already had them elsewhere, and so what anyway, I was going to be a MOM!!

I was so surprised I didn’t get any!

I honestly believe these products are the reason why… And that you can prevent having them.

I was induced a week early so if I’d have gone full term, or even the two weeks over I may have been blessed with a few.

Clarins Tonic Oil- I went through about 6 jars of it. I covered my tummy and thighs in it every night and every morning. My husband loved the smell, and if I used anything else he noticed straight away. It will always remind us of such a special time in our lives now-  “nothing evokes a memory like a smell”.

Available from Clarins counters nationwide.

Secret Saviours Bump Band-

One of my best friends bought me this, and it’s incredible.

I highly recommend this product if you are concerned about stretch marks. The reviews speak for themselves.

Available from

Shiffa Dubai Pregnancy Oil- I first saw this on Kim Kardashians app (guilty pleasure) and looked it up immeditely. I wanted something natural and luxurious, plus my itching was uncontrollable at this point (the itching was the reason I was induced- it was SEVERE, I couldn’t sleep or relax, and scratched until my skin would bleed)  So I needed something to soothe my bump, as itching leads to stretch marks! I would apply this everytime I needed to itch- I got through two bottles.

I purchased mine from Selfridges online.

E45 Emollient Bath Oil- I purchased this out of pure laziness. I had a bath every night during my pregnancy (avoid hot baths) and bathing so often can dry out your skin. I used to add a cap full to the bath and when I eventually dragged myself out of the tub, my moisturising was already done! This literally coats you in oil, it’s brilliant! I still use it now to prolong my self tan. Just be careful when you get out of the bath!! Step onto a towel immediately to dry the bottoms of your feet  and always take care when getting out- I cannot stress this enough!!

I purchased mine from Boots.

Swimming-  I went swimming a lot throughout my pregnancy, twice a week usually. I would aim to do 40 lengths to begin with, but I found it so relaxing I would push myself to 60. I didn’t swim the whole 60 lengths, I would walk for maybe 10 of those, and use a paddle board if my arms got tired. I really believe it helped to tone my skin! Plus I really enjoyed it too.

Clarins Stretch Mark Minimiser- On a few occasions I thought I saw a stretch mark appearing, and applied a thick layer of this directly to the area. By the morning it was always gone. I’m not sure if it really was a stretch mark developing, or a mark from my clothing. It sounds stupid I know, how can you not tell- but my bump got so big I could barely see the bottom, even in the mirror, and my husband had no idea what he was looking at.

Available from Clarins counters nationwide.

These products/tips aren’t guaranteed to work, they just worked for me- I hope they work for you too…

…but remember, stretch marks are the result of your amazing body giving you life’s most precious gift!



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