Luxury Buys for Baby…

I’ve labelled these items as ‘luxuries’ as they aren’t essential to baby’s wellbeing- but they might make life easier for you and more comfortable for baby. 

The absolute top of my list is;

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine- I don’t know how I would have managed without this. I have two, one next to my bed and one in the kitchen. It makes the “perfect” bottle of warmed milk in two minutes. In the middle of the night I don’t even have to get out of bed, winner! I purchased a big Tupperware box and use it to transport bottles and lids for the night, and anything else I need so I don’t have to go downstairs. 

I even travel with mine, it’s been to France and Portugal with us and is a godsend (travelling with baby post will be up soon).

Available at John Lewis, Boots, Mothercare…

SleepyHead Deluxe- Sebastien has slept in this since the day he came home. It is essentially a baby nest, with a soft bumper which allows baby to feel secure and cocooned. It can be used as a crib reducer, as big cribs can feel big and scary to a newborn, and I love to lie Seb in it next to me on the sofa for naps. It’s perfect for travelling as we just placed it in between us on the bed, on top of the covers and he slept soundly, no matter where we were. 

It comes in two sizes- the deluxe (0-8 months) and the Grand (8 months and up)- and gorgeous patterns (you can change and wash the cover).

I purchased Sebastiens Sleepyhead from John Lewis. 

Cocoonababy- we were very lucky to have been given this as a gift from our best friends! Sebastien suffered from reflux, and so if lying down was uncomfortable for him we would use the cocoonababy. It held him in a semi upright position and he loved it! He barely fits in it now, so won’t be able to use it for much longer. Another tip is to place it in the carrycot part of your babys buggy, it makes the ride much more snug! Just use caution (there is a safety strap which should be used).

Ewan the dreamsheep-  this little sheep is amazing!! It emits “pink” noise the same as the baby would have experienced in the womb, which is relaxing and comforting for baby. It also plays a lovely lullaby tune, and has the option of a pink glow too. Sebastien sleeps with it every night, and it works magic. Ours once stopped working so we had to run out at 9pm at night to get a replacement from Toys R Us. 

Ewan is in almost every photo I have of Sebastien as a newborn. He still loves him now! 

You can pick one up from Boots, Mothercare, John Lewis, Babies R Us. 

Fisher Price Rainforest Playmat- Another item we were given as a gift, and Sebastien absolutely loves it! It is so bright and colourful, and makes rainforest sounds which make it even more fun! 

Available from various retailers online.

Blooming Bath Support Flower- this is definitely a luxury item for baby! I felt like Sebastiens baby bath was too ‘hard’ against his little back as a newborn and this was a perfect solution. It is essentially a bath cushion, and fits any bath. It can even be used for the all important ‘sink bath’. 

I purchased Sebastiens from Amazon. 

4Moms Mamaroo Rocker/Bouncer- I knew I wanted to get this ever since I saw it on display in Mamas and Papas. It had a sign on which read “please do not touch” so of course my husband went over and pressed each button- it was going at full speed, and had a little audience by time he was done with his demo. It’s basically a baby rocker/swing, with bells on. It has different settings for example; car ride, rock-a-bye, waves, and plays different white noise like heart beat, ocean and fan. You can also sync it to your phone via Bluetooth and play lullabies or baby’s favourite sound. It is quite pricey so worth going to have a look before you buy! Sebastien would sleep in his for hours as a newborn (there is a newborn insert you can buy separately). 

I purchased Sebs from John Lewis online. 

I hope you enjoyed this post of our favourite luxury items, these are things we use daily and have made a big difference in making Sebastien comfortable and relaxed.



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