What’s in my changing bag…

I’m always interested to see what other moms carry in their changing bags, so if like me you’d like to have a little nose… I’ve emptied out the contents of mine to share with you…

The changing bag- A gift from my husband from Prada. It’s practical but stylish, and most importantly-nylon. Everything just wipes off, which is essential as they get pretty messy. Next on the agenda was- black. It goes with everything and hides dirt well, also the most unisex colour, so daddy can carry it too! 

Gucci blanket from Childsplay Clothing- a gift I was given before Sebastien was born. I change the blanket I carry regularly, but always have one with me. 

iPhone 6s Plus- this thing is like my right arm, I hate when I forget it or it runs out of battery. I have the larger size and could never go back to the regular one now. I love it. My leather phone case is from Vianel New York, personalised with “Sebastien” of course! 

My camera Sony a 5100- I have been making a real effort to use my camera for blogging purposes, but I always forget and whip out my phone instead! This camera is amazing though and streams your photos straight to your phone! The quality is brilliant too! 

Nylon changing mat (it came with the changing bag)- I always have this with me and it never leaves my bag (other than to change Seb obviously). It’s black and nylon, and so I can wipe it over with a sanitising wipe after every use (remember to wipe both sides the surfaces you lay it on won’t be clean) *important advice to mommies- unfortunately certain individuals feel the need to vandalise public baby change facilities, and one poor mom put her baby down to change and her baby instantly started to cry- she thought the baby was being fussy about being changed; until she picked him up and his back was bleeding. When she looked closer someone had put drawing pins, pin side up under the mat. This story broke my heart and horrified me so I rarely use these changing facilities anymore and if I absolutely have to I am very vigilant. Always check before you put your baby down to change. I prefer to change on my lap whilst out if possible, and there is somewhere out of plain sight. 

Muslin cloth, Aden and Anais- I always carry a muslin cloth with me for so many reasons. Spit up, as a blanket, and as comforter are just a few. 

Milton sanitising wipes- I love these wipes, and they really give me peace of mind. You can use them on soothers which is perfect, the taste isn’t very pleasant though! I also use them to wipe over toys, surfaces, tethers and his changing mat. I use them on my hands too as his new favourite teether is stuck on the end of my arm. 

Water wipes- for his bottom. Also to clean mess from his face and hands. 

Nappies- we are using pampers baby-dry. No problems whatsoever with these. I usually carry 6 in my bag, more if I know il be out a while. 

Bag Organisers- I kept having a problem with my WaterWipes leaking and everything ended up wet in my changing bag (they weren’t kidding when they named them ‘water’ wipes, they are more water than wipe) so these are ideal! They come in a set of two and are waterproof with two different pockets. I use one for nappies and wet wipes, one for clean clothes and dirty clothes (in separate pockets) and one for bottles and milk. I bought two sets from Amazon.


Dr.Browns bottles- I usually carry 3 with me, today I only had one as I was only nipping out. 

Aptamil hungry baby pre-made milk- I always have these in his changing bag for emergencies. I don’t like to give him these often as the consistency isn’t very nice, but they are perfect for when you get caught out with no milk! Also perfect for travelling. 

Bamford Organics Baby Balm- his nappy cream! 

Calpol sugar and colour free- Sebastien is really suffering with his teething at the minute, sometimes nothing else works but good old calpol. He hasn’t been sleeping well at all as his teeth are keeping him awake, so when he really needs some relief il give him this. 

Bonjela and Anbesol- I will try these first before the Calpol but I think the main ingredients are so diluted they don’t really do a lot- that and he just licks them straight off of my finger whilst I’m trying to apply it. 

Soother and clip- his Avent Soothie is always in the bag, it really helps him drift off. I purchased a set of 5 dummy holders from Amazon. 


Bibs- these are from Next and came in a set of 3. They have a waterproof layer and stop his clothes getting soaked underneath from all of the drool (big side effect of teething). I carry spares as we go through them rapidly.

Change of outfit- I always have a change of clothes, usually a baby grow. Today was this velour one from Marks and Spencer- I love this colour on him! I also always pack a spare vest (or two), this one is from a set I picked up in Tesco. 

Socks- Sebastien will not tolerate socks. We have a continuous battle going, and I always lose. We also manage to lose a sock everywhere we go, so I have spares at all times. These are from M&S. 

Pom Hat- I have been packing a hat lately as the weather is getting slightly cooler. This one is from Bobble Babies. 

Portable phone charger- I carry a charger with me as my phone seems to lose power for fun. Not ideal for a blogger. I picked this one and the lead up in TK Maxx.

Books- I take a few books with me incase he needs a bit of entertaining. He loves being read to and looking at the pictures. These were bought by our best friends and are beautiful, the words are so lovely!  They are by Emma Dodd and you can get them from The White Company. 

Dr.Browns watermelon teether- Sebastien wants to chew on just about anything and everything at the minute, so I take a teether to keep him occupied. This one isn’t his favourite but was the first one I picked up. (I’m testing a few different ones at the minute, blog post coming soon)

Mommy Items- a few of my things actually made it into the bag. I normally take a couple of lip products with me, today I had Eve Lom Kiss Mix,  Kylie Cosmetics Dolce K lip liner and lipgloss, MAC Hover lip pencil and  a Lipland matte gloss, in the shade Rezy. I take a perfume with me, mainly to mask the smell of baby sick- and my all time favourite is Shahla, which is only available in U.A.E. I picked mine up from Sephora in Dubai. If you like clean smelling fragrances you’ll love it. 

Hairband and one random Kirby grip- nothing worth mentioning, except I have been using Kirby grips upside down my whole life. Apparently the smooth part should be showing, so the grooves grip the hair underneath. I still can’t bring myself to do it.

A black Sharpie pen- just incase. 

Keys and wallet- I picked up this wallet in Louis Vuitton and for me it is perfect! I lose my cards ALL the time and so I can just put them in here, and it makes it so much easier to find my keys too! I don’t own any actual purses as I never use them. 

Calpol syringe- for giving Calpol! It is so much easier than a spoon! 

Ultra Dex fresh breath spray- I always pick these up in Boots, I basically run on caffeine now, so have too many coffees to count. Coffee breath is not the one.

Neurofen tablets- just incase.

Mini brown Jelly Cat bunny- I picked this up in The White Company, Sebastien has other bunnies, but this is his favourite!  

This is just about everything I can fit into his bag, and I usually end up carrying another soft toy- his current favourite is Arlo from The Good Dinosaur!  

I hope you enjoyed my “what’s in my changing bag” post, 



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