Halloween, Baby! 

For me, the festive season always begins in October! The nights get darker, it gets much colder, the leaves turn orange and best of all… Starbucks bring back the Pumpkin Spice Latte. 

Halloween comes close second to the PSL. 

This year, everything is a special milestone, starting with my baby boys first Halloween! He won’t be able to do much but look cute this year, so I’ve been looking for costumes online. 

Here are the ones I loved best… (Find out what I picked at the end)

This one is only available now in size 3-8 years, but how cool!! You can buy it by clicking here.

How seriously cute is this little vampire! Sizes start from 6-12months, available here.

This pretty little feline costume also starts at 6-12 months and is online here.

One spider I wouldn’t run away from! Too cute! Buy it here.

One scarily adorable Dinosaur outfit, starting at 0-6 months! Love this one, get it here.

I mean, I just melted. This outfit is so gorgeous! Starting at 0-6months here.

Not very scary, but I just HAD to include it! Sebastien already has this one and it is adorable. Sizes start at 3-6 months here.

And the winner is…

Tigers are scary…right?! I wouldn’t want to come face to face with one on Halloween!! 

I cannot wait to see my baby boy in this outfit, you can get one here.

I cannot wait to make memories with my baby boy this holiday season, and what better way than to play dress up! It’s never too early to ignite their imaginations.

 I hope you have a wonderful Halloween with your little devils, 



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