Choices, Choices, Choices… Baby Care. 

I spent hours researching baby care items, making sure my baby boy is safe and sound is my number one priority, so it was important to get the right products! The worry with a newborn can be pretty overwhelming- and these items go toward helping things be a little less stressful. I’ve listed the items we’ve used since day one until now, and linked where you can get them…


Snuza Hero Baby Movement Monitor; I looked at various types of baby monitor and ended up choosing this one as you can travel with it easily, and I’d read reviews on the sensor pad type monitors which seemed to all agree they could be a bit fiddly and unreliable. This one just clips onto babys nappy and detects weak or no movement over a short period of time. It vibrates to rouse baby first, and if there is no response it will then sound an alarm. It just gives extra peace of mind so you can get some rest feeling reassured. 

Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor; I absolutely love this camera monitor. I use it when Sebastien has gone to bed and I am downstairs. It does the job perfectly! It has night vision, and you can control the camera from the monitor screen. I have found it for better than half price (click “Motorola”).

GroEgg Digital Room Thermometer; I was given this as a gift, and it wasn’t something I’d have thought of- but I am so glad to have it. It lights a different colour to show the temperature- Blue when it’s too cold, yellow when the temperature is right, orange when it’s too warm, and red when it’s too hot. Since overheating can lead to SIDS. I was happy to have the light to warn if it was too hot. 


Aqua Scale 3-in-1 Digital Baby Bath; This bathtub is a bit of a luxury, really. It tells you the baby’s weight and monitors the temperature. It also has a stand (which is sold separately) so baby is at a height you don’t have to bend over- I didn’t use the stand once! In all honesty a regular bath tub is just as good, obviously use a floating thermometer to check the temperature. 

Angelcare Soft Baby Bath Support; Once baby is big enough to use the bathtub this is a godsend. It really saves your back and lets baby feel secure in the bath. Sebastien loves it- he can kick and splash away! Obviously never leave baby unattended whilst in any type of water- 3cm is enough for a baby to drown. Sebastien is almost 6 months old now- and so I’ve had to order the seat version, he’s getting boisterous in the bath and he’s tried to push himself off a few times. 

Béaba Lotus Bath and Room Baby Thermometer; I bought this as I knew if I didn’t have one I’d be constantly fussing over the temperature of Sebastiens baths. My mum just sticks her elbow in and doesn’t know why I stress over it- old school! I just wouldn’t forgive myself if the bath was too hot for him and plus I like him to have a nice warm bath as I really think it helps him get sleepy! I usually aim for 36.6 (precise I know). I was told the ideal temperature is between 36-37 degrees, and no hotter than 38. 


Medela Freestyle Double Electric Breastpump;  I bought this breastpump as it came highly recommended by my midwife- and it’s also the one used on maternity wards. It’s amazing! I literally had too much milk so I had to use the pump regularly whilst Sebastien was sleeping, or my boobs felt like they were going to explode. I bought it from Amazon in a big set- it literally came with everything. I don’t know if they are updating the model or it’s sold out but it doesn’t seem to be heavily available anymore. I have linked it above though. A great tip if you are unsure of using it, is to watch the YouTube video on Medelas YouTube channel.  

Phillips Avent 3-in-1 Electric Steam Steriliser; When Sebastien moved onto bottles I bought this steriliser as it can sterilise up to 6 bottles at a time, and the bottle section can fit tall bottles in (see my previous blog “baby essentials” to see which bottles we use). 

Nuk Baby Bottle Cleanser; I didn’t want to use regular dish cleaner as you just don’t know what chemicals are in it. So I opted for this one, which is safe and effective, and designed for use with babies bottles. I go through a bottle a month, though. 

Dr.Browns Universal Drying Rack; Pretty basic- just a rack to dry babys bottles on, they dry faster as you can hook them upside down, and it also keeps everything off of surfaces. Allow the bottles to dry, and then put them together with lids on to keep them sterile. 

General Health- 

Braun Age Precision Stick Thermometer;  It is a good idea to have a thermometer, I have this one at home- and I carry a more basic one in my changing bag. I did buy an ear Thermometer from Costco, I thought it looked pretty good- but my doctor told me the most accurate way to take a babys temp is with a stick Thermometer that you place under the armpit. 

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Baby Care Kit; Every parent should have this kit, it has everything you need for basic baby care! I use the nail clippers (I’ve tried the scissors and they don’t work as well), the hair brush and the mini Thermometer the most. It’s just a brilliant kit, you can keep it in your changing bag too as it comes in a carry case. Massive thumbs up! 

Milton Antibacterial Wipes and Hand Sanitiser; I always have these with me, and I go through tons of them both. The wipes are amazing, you can use them on toys, soothers, surfaces etc- perfect for right now, as Sebastien puts everything that isn’t nailed down into his mouth. I use the hand sanitiser constantly- he is always shoving my hands into his mouth too. All part of teething (which is horrendous by the way- post coming soon). 

Fairy non-bio Liquid Detergent and Fabric Softener; What I use to wash everything- I love the smell, and it’s apparently as gentle on skin as just using water- so, what’s not to like?!

Napisan non-bio; Disinfects clothing and blankets, and kills germs! It also brightens anything white.

I’d love to hear any recommendations, or products you can’t live without- find us on Instagram @sebandmedotcom! 

I hope you found this post helpful, 



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