Christmas Gift Guide: Baby and Toddler.

I am SO excited for this Christmas! It’s Sebastiens first Christmas, and I want to make it really special for him! It can be difficult to know what to get for your baby/toddler, and to be honest- I think he’s going to be more into the paper and tags than toys, but still, I’ve been loving shopping for him. I’ve bought a few things already, some are below, like the slide and the Teepee! I think he’s a little too young yet to play properly but they’ll be things he can grow into, and we can have fun with them together for now! I can’t wait to see his little face as I take him down the slide! He will be exactly 8 months old on Christmas Eve, I can’t quite believe it! I’ve put together a little list of gift ideas to give you some inspiration for the special little ones you love…

Personalised Santa Robe-

This gorgeous dressing gown has a Santa hat for a hood! It would be perfect Christmas morning over a cute pair of Christmas PJ’s, get it here.

Personalised Reindeer-

This reindeer soft toy has the cutest jumper on, which can be personalised with any name, a lovely keepsake for a first Christmas. Shop it here.

Wooden Toy Pram-

What Princess doesn’t need a gorgeous ride for her new dolls! Get one for Her Royal Highness here.

Personalised Building Blocks-

Wooden blocks are a classic. These can be personalised with any name and you can choose the colours you’d like. Get some here.

Oskar&Ellen Flower Garden Playset-

Oskar and Ellen make the cutest fabric Playsets. This one is perfect for little ladies with green fingers. You can get it here.

Oskar&Ellen Pirate Ship Playset-

Hours of fun and make believe with this fabric pirate Playset. Get it here.

Oskar&Ellen Indian Teepee Playset-

Shop this Indian Playset here.

Jupiduu Slide- 

This Jupiduu slide will provide hours and hours of fun, and will look gorgeous in any house too! It comes in a range of colours and is suitable up to 4 years old. Order it here.

Wildfire Teepees Teepee-

A Teepee full of presents to come down to Christmas morning? Yes please. A perfect place to nap after all the fun too! Get it here.

Wildfire Teepees Storage Bags-

And the perfect place to store all of those lovely gifts here.

MiniBe Ballpit-

This ballpit is the coolest I’ve seen. I did buy it for Sebastien for Christmas but I ended up giving it early, not that he knew. He loves thrashing his legs around in the balls. You can get it in different colour ways here.

Rocking Mammoth-

A gorgeous addition to any nursery here.

Wooden Baby Walker-

This wooden walker would make a gorgeous gift for a toddler. Perfect for storing wooden blocks and other small toys. Get one here.

Wooden Play Kitchen-

I love this play Kitchen. Hours of fun pretend eating to be had. You can find it here.

English Trosseau Goodie Twoshoes Hamper-

This is a perfect Christmas gift for a newborn baby. Find it here.

Mercedes G55 AMG Electric- 

Sebastien is too young this year to have a car, but I can’t wait for next year, il be taking him out for a Christmas afternoon walk. Get one here.

KidKraft Toddler Play Station-

I think this would make a really great gift, it has so many interactive parts!! I love the safari theme too! Get it here.

Skip Hop Camping Cubs Tipi Activity Mat-

I love that this is slightly different to a regular baby gym! Get one here.

I hope you enjoy shopping for your little ones, and can’t wait to see what santa brings them, follow me on Instagram @sebandmedotcom to see how we spend the holidays, 

Charlie xo

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