I really wanted to find some matching family pyjamas for Christmas Eve, as part of a new family tradition. I looked everywhere for some, and the only ones I found were on Not On The Highstreet (but they were blue), or from the U.S.A. I found the perfect set from Burts Bees Baby, I got to the checkout and tried to enter my shipping address. I was so annoyed they wouldn’t let me ship to the U.K! 

I have had this problem before, and thought- there must be a way around this! So I started to search for a courier service, and that’s when I found Borderlinx. They give you an address for the country you want to ship from, and a personal number to identify your package- and then send it from, the U.S.A for example, to your door. You obviously have to pay for this service, but you can often get free shipping to the personal Borderlinx address from the company you are purchasing from. That way you only pay one set of shipping costs. They include customs and duty fees with the price so there is no shock after delivery. The shipping costs will depend on value and weight of the item, but I thought it was very reasonable. For my whole package I paid £30 to have it delivered, everything included, and once it had reached Borderlinx it only took 3 days to arrive at my door via DHL. For more valuable packages you can also include insurance. 

Here is the “Candy Cane” set I chose from Burts Bees Baby, they only had the men’s bottoms, so I purchased the top from the David Gandy range at M&S. 

Click here to shop family Jammies. 
I can’t wait to sit and watch The Santa Clause with a mug of hot chocolate (mostly cream and marshmallows) and our matching PJ’s on Christmas Eve.

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Charlie xo

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