London Nights.

My Husband rarely gets a day off, so when he does we try and make the most of it! This week he had Wednesday off so we drove down to London on Tuesday night for a mini mini break. We stayed at the Sanderson, which is one of my favourite hotels in London, I love the rooms, they have massive beds and are all white! It reminds me of the Shore Club in Miami- which is amazing! They have lots of quirky furniture throughout the hotel, and the spa is the best I’ve been to! 

We didn’t get long, so we went straight to the hotel and checked in, changed into our pyjamas and ordered room service! I ordered the club sandwich- unbelieveable.

The next day we woke up and went to Harrods. We wanted to take Sebastien to Toy Kingdom so we headed straight there! I still can’t get over how big Harrods is, it’s like a Labyrinth. I think I had more fun in the toy department than Seb did, but he was excited to be somewhere new.

We stopped for a picture on a deer, but Sebastien had other ideas and spotted the lights- the whole display almost came down. 

After we did some shopping, and a stop in the Christmas deparment, we went to The Disney Cafe, which the current theme is Toy Story. It is amazing in there! I could have stayed in there all day. 

We only had time then to zoom through the women’s department and it was time to go back to the hotel and check out. 

I love last minute little trips, they always turn out to be the best ones! 

We picked up some books, by the same author as the Gruffalo (our favourite) and a Steiff giraffe for the nursery. 

The jacket I picked up in the Black Friday sale. 

Our little visit to London really has me excited for Christmas, the decorations down there are insane!! We are going to go back before Christmas to go to Winter Wonderland and Hamleys! 

I hope everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit, never too early in my opinion,


Charlie xo

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