The Grove.

My husband had a rare few days off this week, so we decided to make the most of it and get away for a few days. 

I am the most indeciscive person I know, so I sat scratching my head for about an hour on where to go. 

We finally decided on The Grove, near Watford. They have so much to do there- and the estate is beautiful. 

We drove from Derby on Thursday afternoon and didn’t arrive until 7pm, we were so tired and so just ordered room service and went to bed. 

 We went to the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studios on Friday morning, it’s literally 5 minutes drive from The Grove. Seb loved looking at everything with us, and there are parts of the tour that are interactive (you can pretend you are in the movies) so we got him involved. It’s incredible to see the real props and sets from the actual film, and how much effort actually went into making the movies. They are currently filming the newest Harry Potter on site, and you can see the set from afar! 

Friday afternoon we went on a bike ride, the hotel provides the bikes and the trail- all you have to do it try and follow it! We decided on the long route as it was such a sunny day, and sebastien was asleep on the back of the bike. The trail was so quiet and took us along a canal, it took longer than usual (I obviously had to stop and take photos) it was such a nice day!!

We were really tired by the time we got back to our hotel room, so we ordered room service and watched a movie. 

Saturday morning we got up early and went to the breakfast buffet, which alone is reason enough to stay at the hotel. I had to rush back to the room and shower ready for my spa appointment, and Rich took Seb for a walk around the grounds. I had a back tension release massage, which was amazing. We then took Seb swimming at the children’s pool, which we had to ourselves, and before we knew it, it was time to pack up and head home. 

We had such a lovely weekend, I can’t wait to go back to The Grove when it’s warmer so we can make use of their beach and outdoor pool! There are so many attractions nearby too- Whipsnade Zoo is next on our list!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend too, 


Seb and Me xoxo

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