A few people have asked me recently what I use on my eyebrows, and who does them, so I thought I’d share how I get the “Bushy” look.  

I don’t ever have my brows tended to, by anyone. I leave them to do their thing, and occasionally tweeze stray hairs. Il also use a small facial razor for tidying up above. 

When I do actually do them, there are a few products I swear by, and I always do them the same way. 

1. Firstly I wipe them with a makeup wipe to remove any foundation (I always get my brows covered in it), and brush them upwards with a MAC brow brush. 

2. I then use a pencil by Anastasia Beverley hills to fill in the front, I will use a light hand to draw hairs- never more than 6-8 strokes. I use the Brow Wiz in Dark Brown. 

3. Next, I brush them backwards with Benefits 3D BROWtones in Medium/Deep, and brush the front upwards. 


This is such an easy brow routine if you like the natural/bushy look! 


Charlie xoxo

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